Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is halloween ~ This is halloween. 
Yep, this year i'm Jack Skellington, he is one of my fave character and the movie is so good.
This is the first time i become a male character and first time i need to paint my whole face..
After one hour of struggles, i finally finished the make up :) yay...
the look doesn't cost much, it just needs white and black face paint, black eye liner, and the costume... :)
I didnt find a black hat or a white wig... :(
oh well, as long as we enjoy halloween :)

Oh and you know what... jack's look is not that hard to get, i didn't buy Jack's costume in halloween store, because the one that have looks terrible and cost like 75 bucks...
the cat bow is handmade simply just with paper and ink. The white blouse is just typical white blouse $7 from H&M. The black outfit is my halloween butler costume since 3 years ago, and the pants is just black pants... any black pants :) then just finish up with black boots or anything...
Its pretty easy look and fun ~!

Take care guys :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tekkon Kinkreet

I finally watched tekkon kinkreet :D People told me about the movie a lot and the layout is super GOOD! i like the fluid animation and unique style... but the story... is... something else...
The story is not really my favorite... is good, but ... anyway.. :)

i was doodling a bit after watching the movie

here's shiro in my style hahaha

See ya ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I just realized i never put my sketchbook drawing up. I have quite a lot of sketchbook and i wonder should i throw them away or not, they are starting to pile up and they're very heavy, what about you guys?

Anyway, here's my first sketchbook of the 2nd year. I didn't draw that much, i should draw more hahaha :)

Morning doodle on fashion

Chairs chairs and chairs for layout class 

Monkey from the zoo :D he's so cute but he keeps on moving every 10 seconds haha

 It's him again !

Tapir and a weird looking bird 

Good night Hippo

 Characters development that couldn't be used for now 
I'll use them next time :)

I posted this page for Sam, for the bottom left drawings..
the mad looking chef is my character, Steve
and the one thats grabbed is Sam's character :D
I totally love collaboration work <3 

chairs and people

Sam, Melody and I sketched the tiny drawings on the left row


.... more....

gesture sketches

Caricatures :) still practicing on doing them... 

I drew my friend Bo Hee in class <3

Character exploration that i'm not using now again, haha... 

The guy in the bottom left corner is Pierre, the top right one is pierre drawing himself haha

Cafe sketching on people at the mall, many things happened that day O.O

More of them...

Sketch of Ghia <3

Sketch of Adhi :D

AAWWW HERE'S MY FAVE! this is a drawing from my teacher Peter Emslie who worked at disney and he rocccksss!!! <3
He drew donald for me and boy! I love donald so much!
It was done less then 4 minutes... so fast and so acurrate and so goood :D
He also drew me a caricature but i haven't scanned it, but i will :)

Thats for now ;)

School works works works

Hello everyone! :D This is why i haven't been around for so long hahaha.
Its been very busy but a lot of fun (especially the holiday part).
We're in a week holiday now, gosh it feels so good. I feel bad for not being around so long, i'll upload some school works stuff. Here you go :) 

Steve doing some lift and tossing :)

Here's a storyboard about Ed the Elephant being pissed by a random Mr.Hairy. :) 

Painting Exterior by Gouache,

thanks to Alex Wang who taught me to paint in a better way :)

Now I want to eat some octopus ~ haha

We went to Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and it was amazing, i wish we stayed longer.
I drew a giant beaver and a stag moose. When i finished, the ROM was closing, i haven't seen another part of the museum :( oh well...

 Layout class :) The teacher is awesome, he forced us to draw stuff we don't really like. I honestly not a fan of drawing chairs or cars, but he told us, to become better, you should try drawing what you hate. Very smart ! :)

 More stuff coming up :)