Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School works works works

Hello everyone! :D This is why i haven't been around for so long hahaha.
Its been very busy but a lot of fun (especially the holiday part).
We're in a week holiday now, gosh it feels so good. I feel bad for not being around so long, i'll upload some school works stuff. Here you go :) 

Steve doing some lift and tossing :)

Here's a storyboard about Ed the Elephant being pissed by a random Mr.Hairy. :) 

Painting Exterior by Gouache,

thanks to Alex Wang who taught me to paint in a better way :)

Now I want to eat some octopus ~ haha

We went to Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and it was amazing, i wish we stayed longer.
I drew a giant beaver and a stag moose. When i finished, the ROM was closing, i haven't seen another part of the museum :( oh well...

 Layout class :) The teacher is awesome, he forced us to draw stuff we don't really like. I honestly not a fan of drawing chairs or cars, but he told us, to become better, you should try drawing what you hate. Very smart ! :)

 More stuff coming up :) 

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