Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I just realized i never put my sketchbook drawing up. I have quite a lot of sketchbook and i wonder should i throw them away or not, they are starting to pile up and they're very heavy, what about you guys?

Anyway, here's my first sketchbook of the 2nd year. I didn't draw that much, i should draw more hahaha :)

Morning doodle on fashion

Chairs chairs and chairs for layout class 

Monkey from the zoo :D he's so cute but he keeps on moving every 10 seconds haha

 It's him again !

Tapir and a weird looking bird 

Good night Hippo

 Characters development that couldn't be used for now 
I'll use them next time :)

I posted this page for Sam, for the bottom left drawings..
the mad looking chef is my character, Steve
and the one thats grabbed is Sam's character :D
I totally love collaboration work <3 

chairs and people

Sam, Melody and I sketched the tiny drawings on the left row


.... more....

gesture sketches

Caricatures :) still practicing on doing them... 

I drew my friend Bo Hee in class <3

Character exploration that i'm not using now again, haha... 

The guy in the bottom left corner is Pierre, the top right one is pierre drawing himself haha

Cafe sketching on people at the mall, many things happened that day O.O

More of them...

Sketch of Ghia <3

Sketch of Adhi :D

AAWWW HERE'S MY FAVE! this is a drawing from my teacher Peter Emslie who worked at disney and he rocccksss!!! <3
He drew donald for me and boy! I love donald so much!
It was done less then 4 minutes... so fast and so acurrate and so goood :D
He also drew me a caricature but i haven't scanned it, but i will :)

Thats for now ;)


  1. PATTY! This is jean! :D your works are amazing! I love your art style <3 You're a very huge inspiration to me :D And I saw your "lousy" layout work publicly displayed... how is that lousy?? Mr Komza used your work as example in class this year and it was soo good!

    1. JEAN! :D you have blogspot and deviantart! yay! i shall follow you :D
      awww.. u're so sweet :) *hug*
      haha... everything in past would look lousy because we will think "i could do better"
      but it was ok hahaha...
      thank you so much dear :') im very touched and happy 'w'

  2. nice work! yaa like ur color sketchs