Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tekkon Kinkreet

I finally watched tekkon kinkreet :D People told me about the movie a lot and the layout is super GOOD! i like the fluid animation and unique style... but the story... is... something else...
The story is not really my favorite... is good, but ... anyway.. :)

i was doodling a bit after watching the movie

here's shiro in my style hahaha

See ya ;)


  1. u like that movie too?! really nice!! they have crazy detail bg!!

    1. Hahahhaa, i enjoy the visuals.. not so much the storyline, but the layout... is EXTREMELY GOOD!! <3 it was awessoommmmmeee!!! btw are u watching Wreck it Ralph this friday?

    2. u guys are going this friday?! suree !! when it gonna be>?? let me know, go with u!

    3. Im not sure the time yet... cus i know some of my friends are going as well... i bet many people will go :) hehehe... but i'll text you and let u know :D