Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is halloween ~ This is halloween. 
Yep, this year i'm Jack Skellington, he is one of my fave character and the movie is so good.
This is the first time i become a male character and first time i need to paint my whole face..
After one hour of struggles, i finally finished the make up :) yay...
the look doesn't cost much, it just needs white and black face paint, black eye liner, and the costume... :)
I didnt find a black hat or a white wig... :(
oh well, as long as we enjoy halloween :)

Oh and you know what... jack's look is not that hard to get, i didn't buy Jack's costume in halloween store, because the one that have looks terrible and cost like 75 bucks...
the cat bow is handmade simply just with paper and ink. The white blouse is just typical white blouse $7 from H&M. The black outfit is my halloween butler costume since 3 years ago, and the pants is just black pants... any black pants :) then just finish up with black boots or anything...
Its pretty easy look and fun ~!

Take care guys :)


  1. omgosh you are still so elegant with all that black n white make up! <3 you did a really good job pulling off this look Patty!! :D

    1. Jean you're too kind :) thank you so much dear :D next year u have to dress up too ok? :D