Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sketches! (as promised)

Yes, don't worry. I do remember my promise to put something that's art.
Okay, I threw away most of my drawing away, especially when their size is enormous like life drawing newsprint. 

see? I told you they're huge! (random Sheridan stockphoto I found online)
Anyway I do miss drawing big. It's summer time, there's no more class, so there's no more big paper. It's not like I'm gonna bring that huge paper around in subway or cafes. Yeah, its pretty hard to sketch people in subway without them staring creepily back at you. But then again I might seems like a creeper myself.

"Just keep doing what you're doing, I'm totally not drawing you"

Oh right! Here's some surviving sketches I still have...

soft pastel, 5 min

soft pastel, 5 min
soft pastel, 3

soft pastel, 1 min
conte, 3 min
soft pastel, 2 min
soft pastel, 2 min

conte, 3 min
conte, 5 min 

conte, 10 min

doodle drawn in left hand.

They say its good to try drawing with your opposite drawing hand so that you focus on making the right pose other than getting distracted by other things. I was totally focused on trying to hold the conte properly. Yeah man that was so hard :p You should totally try it for fun, might help~!

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