Thursday, May 8, 2014


... is awesome!!! I'm pretty sure I mention that I moved to Toronto two weeks ago because of my intern. and it's a load of fun! There's a lot of fun things going on in Toronto for you to do.
Let's start with...
How much is it?
Only with $3, you can ride anywhere you want! Bless Canada for this TTC system. So stay inside, sit down, bring you sketchbook or if you're that high tech gadget person, sure, bring your iPad and draw! Even better, getting a monthly pass for TTC means unlimited ride.
Is it hard?
Sitting down, taking out your sketchbook and start drawing people doesn't sound too hard right? Unless you're this very very shy person who's afraid of getting accused of drawing people. Yes it gets really hard in rush hour to the point you can even stand still without getting push or almost falling down. But yeah! Give it a go!

How much is it?
Attention Book and film lovers! BMV has good deals for good books. I have nothing much to say, just ... just... just go! There's some stores in Toronto, but the biggest one is probably near Spadina TTC with 3 floor of awesomeness. Labyrinth is basically across the street. It has the same thing but more expensive. I'm half joking, they have good art books that is hard to find.

Is it hard?
Uuum.. no, not really, you just find books that you like and pay the money. Simple as it is. Although BMV doesn't have data base so you have to actually find the book you want yourself in within the many many books, but its worth it.

Annnnd there is also food, shopping district, library and too much more...
Toronto is awesome!

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