Monday, June 2, 2014

What a Catch! (Story and Concept work)

I was developing a story for my final thesis film based of my pet fishes romance story. It was my 4th idea out of 10 ideas that I have so far. "What a catch" actually made it pretty far (even though in the end I'm going with another idea).
Why fishes? I love fish.
My oldest fish was Fishie, who died a month ago in the age of 3. I got him as a christmas present from my best friend, Janice, and he's been a great addition to my life.
Bubu is a female fish I got a year ago, for breeding purpose. In the end they didn't breed, too much story to explain. Haha. Anway here's some concept works :)

Anyway, I'm developing a new idea and still working on it. :)

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