Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Hi guys,
I apologize for not being here for few weeks already. I felt a strong pain around my wrist and tingly feeling on the tips of my finger. The pain went up to my arm so decided to see the doctor.
I'm in a treatment now but I wont be able to draw for a while, probably until august.

So what is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) anyway? 
Its basically a condition where you feel pain in your hand and wrist because the nerve inside your wrist's carpal tunnel got swollen or damaged. So when you overused your hands with repetitive activities like typing in keyboard, texting, drawing, trackpad-ing (I list it because this one is pretty evil, so get a mouse or pen),
Please value your hands and arms. Don't overuse it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

What a Catch! (Story and Concept work)

I was developing a story for my final thesis film based of my pet fishes romance story. It was my 4th idea out of 10 ideas that I have so far. "What a catch" actually made it pretty far (even though in the end I'm going with another idea).
Why fishes? I love fish.
My oldest fish was Fishie, who died a month ago in the age of 3. I got him as a christmas present from my best friend, Janice, and he's been a great addition to my life.
Bubu is a female fish I got a year ago, for breeding purpose. In the end they didn't breed, too much story to explain. Haha. Anway here's some concept works :)

Anyway, I'm developing a new idea and still working on it. :)