Monday, May 26, 2014

I love mondays,and you should too!

things I saw happen in park :)
"Ugh it's Monday again", that's what we normally have in mind. I know that because I do feel that sometimes too. But you know what, that negativity is definitely not a good way to start your week.

So~ I tried to came up with a solution. Every other day I always have this routine of sitting in the same seat in Subway, walking through this particular route to work, eating this certain food. So I tried to make Monday a little special.
I stand or seat in a totally different place, I take a different route to work, I spoil my self with new foods (just found out this nice cafe with fancy coconut drink nearby! :) ) and I observe more on Monday. See little good things around in life. Believe me these small things actually does makes your day a little more special. So go! try something new in life and enjoy your Monday!