Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life drawings

I ... can't believe i barely ever put my life drawings up in here. Do i even ever put up any life drawings before!? ( I doubt it, they kind of sucks most of the time). Anyway, here's some life drawings that I did, like of recently. We have to do a lot of fun stuff lately, so much fun, i need more sleep tho, I'm always dying of tiredness in this class *faints*
Creature creation - a model is posing and we have to draw them as our own imaginative creature

Stoney snake medusa thing

 Chameleon fairy 

... what was i thinking (゜´Д`゜)

Sea creature is lots of fun :)

Back to normal (●´∀`●)

1 min

2 min

5 min

 5 min

Drapery - they've been doing a lot of cowboy based theme. why... why... (´A`。)
no offense i'm not a big fan of cowboy based theme, cus we've been doing this theme all year...
no other reason ... really

 10 min

 15 min

 2 min
 5 min

 10 min

10 min

Alrighty, that's for now... I need to clean my room, probably I will find some more drawings laying around :) Have a good night guys.


  1. wow Patty I really love your life drawing! and your character creation is great :D especially the monster on a leash~

    1. Hey meaghan :D thank you, that so sweet of you :) its kinda sad to know that next week is the last time i can life draw for this semester at least, I dont go to life drawing that often... i should ;w;