Sunday, December 16, 2012

Massive art update

Here I am dumping my schoolwork stuff... wuuuzaaahh
Sorry i didn't post them all, i couldn't find all of them so here's some :)

Walk and Run (Clara and Joe) :)

 Expression change 


 Steve's concept - weightlift and toss 

A fancy looking lady @ Royal Winter Fair 
she was riding the carriage :)

Funny looking guy I saw @ the bus, ended up using him as on of my character 

Caricatures of people
 unknown, Ruxandra, Sam, Kelsey
unknown, unknown, Melody, Darik
 Rock, unknown, unknown, aquintance
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown

Jazemine, Kaitlin, Janice

 unknown, Dr. Lau, Michelle
Sudatta, unknown, unknown


Gouache on watercolour paper


Royal Ontario Museum 

Moose 1 hour study 
 Beaver 1 hour study 
 Moose gesture
Beaver gesture


Dog (model is not mine tho :p)

Storyboard colour keys

And, here is my leica reel for my story "The Invasion"

and that's all for now, have a great holiday guys :D