Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wish for sale - Work progress

Finally i finished my work :) this is by far the longest thing i've ever done in my life
it took me two days and i went through a lot of progress

hope you get the idea ^^
well if you don't it's about an evil weasel who try to trick a innocent (is that the right term?) chicken by selling wish, which is obviously a complete lie.. hahhaa :) Here's the complete work progress ...

Initial sketch

Scanned and sketched over it

Fixing the sketch

Think of light source

Colour key

Colouring the characters

Colouring everything (roughly) ^^

lighting to decide where's the highlight

Sketching details in the background
(i should have done it from the first ... lol)

Colouring everything

Giving atmosphere :) to give more feeling

Voila~ it's done


  1. waa, patty bikin blog hehe, bru liat pas iseng2 buka dA.. keren pat.. like pro :D
    -ini oliph btw hehe

  2. hi oliph :) makasiiih ... saya tersanjung :3
    oliph ada blog juga ga? :)

  3. cool, keep doing this more and more :) until you get faster and comfortable.

  4. i absolutely will :D thank you nicholas :D

  5. Hey Patricia, got here by your DA!

    Great to see you using such bold colors!

    I would probably push the characters into dark shadow. The light from the candle is a bit too intense in my opinion. You could get really moody with the low light conditions. A lot of the details would disappear, but light from the magic in the jar could illuminate the characters.

    That would help the story by putting more emphasis on the characters rather than the environment.

  6. Hi lane, thank you so much for visiting my blog :)
    that's a great advise you gave me
    those are very helpful ! thanks again...
    yes i have to pay more attention because the candle shines to bright so it doesnt really make sense... i should have think about that before
    i will absolutely put more attention to my next artwork
    and i just realize ur one of my fave artist in DA :D
    happy to hear from you :) i am for sure are following ur stuff :D