Monday, April 4, 2011

Life Drawing

Finally, we had to draw a model WITH a cloth :p it's a life drawing assignment but i woke up late so i had to finish in a extremely limited time, which caused my bottom part of my drawing turned real bad... i cropped it ... :p
sorry for the crappy quality, it was taken by my phone

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wish for sale - Work progress

Finally i finished my work :) this is by far the longest thing i've ever done in my life
it took me two days and i went through a lot of progress

hope you get the idea ^^
well if you don't it's about an evil weasel who try to trick a innocent (is that the right term?) chicken by selling wish, which is obviously a complete lie.. hahhaa :) Here's the complete work progress ...

Initial sketch

Scanned and sketched over it

Fixing the sketch

Think of light source

Colour key

Colouring the characters

Colouring everything (roughly) ^^

lighting to decide where's the highlight

Sketching details in the background
(i should have done it from the first ... lol)

Colouring everything

Giving atmosphere :) to give more feeling

Voila~ it's done

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi there people, i'm Patty and i'm an art student in Sheridan College ..
i decided to make this blog to put up stuff that i learn and my own personal artworks....
so here's some of my previous arts and i'll put up some of my portfolio work :)

My seven virtues disney series

i made them in the end of the year in holiday because i was so inspired by disney movies. Yes i did watch it marathon every single day and barely sleep, my friend Chris inspired me to do it and i thought i'll be cool to have them as a series. So happy when it's done ! :D
To see the big version and every each of them here's the link ...

I always love art nouveau style, they look gorgeous and graceful. It's been influencing me for years, it just i don't really have the skill yet hahaha

And here goes ~
it's my own story idea, about a girl and a cat. The title is Un Chat which means cat in french.
The setting is in France. The story is still under development right now, i'm trying to make a story board of the full story and illustrate it after ... it would be very amusing if i could animate it one time ... :D Comment and suggestion would be very helpful :)

Finally, this is Scampy, a happy raccoon. He's my character for my animation portfolio this year. I'm so happy how he turns out, because it took like 3 months to make him. He went through phases of being a thief, a fat jerk, etc hahaa... it's funny to see the progress work lol. That's all for now guys :)