Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School starts soon

I'm very excited for school this year! i know... i'm not usually excited about it, but this year, i'm going to learn whole different things that i haven't learned yet... :D

I know i haven't been around recently. I have been doing a storybook project so i was away most of the time...
It's called "The City of Wonder"; a children story book. The author is Arleen Amidjaya, she's very good at making stories with good morales, love her stories! <3 I am handling the illustrations.
I'll post a bit preview about it some other time, just to let you guys get the idea about it. :)

And this is a proof that i'm still around... hahaa...

a 2,5 hour speed paint of a balinese lady, i really need a proper vacation next time, and Bali is very tempting :D

=^-^= Cheers =^-^=