Friday, November 15, 2013

Ripley Aquarium Sketches

Fancy fish bones in the entrance
Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto was open few weeks ago. If you remember "Blue Coral", you probably know I am madly in love with fishes, and i go to Ripley's just few days after it opened for public. I just couldn't sit and not go there. I NEED TO GO. It's like a need in my life.
It was very cool! There's some cool fishes and i did some quick watercolour sketches there.
It was so packed though, so it was hard to draw. Regardless, it was amazing! 
I need to go again some other time. You guys should totally check it out too :D 

Some tanks are filled with giant school of fish

Canadian fish, so called Alewives

This octopus changes colour in a second

Huge lobsters

The yellow submarine

I didn't know what this one is, but we all guess it was a sperm whale :) 

Standing By

It was a doodle of a friend i made in class while the teacher's not looking 
Our teacher introduce us to many different medium, and we tried ink. Its tricky but super fun. 
Experimenting different medium is very important sometimes, and it might inspire you in many ways.

Ink wash on newsprint paper